Short Stories
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What if I never asked what if? 

What if I did ask and had relief? 

Resigning to fate: I still couldn’t help but wonder! 

Why nature unspeaking, yet got many answers to render. 

What if void of your emotion, tears refused to remain shut up inside but flows? 

As they would like for us to bleed and yet show no pains. 

What if the oceans step stubbornly over land in search of a new home? 

Just as we hope an end to these increasing bloodshed nears. 

What if animals lived in homes and humans in the wild? 

In the open with no security and anyone could be dared. 

Then maybe: we would value fellow human more than animals. 

If not: the earth is no home for the future child. 

What If gold and other precious stones refused to be mined? 

Like honoured humans keep themselves away from those with little fortunes not to 

Be found. 

What if nature decides to go on vacation? 

And all other things in between take the path of self-infatuation. 

What if the ocean becomes thirsty; who will quench its thirst? 

What if the ice becomes too cold; and now seeks warmth? 

What if the sun, moon and stars refuse to shine for free and start  as trade with 

their lights? 

What if the green plants beg to eat their fruits? 

Since humans have become so egocentric and rotten to the roots, 

Unwilling to get schooled by Mother Nature and from her learn the truths; 

That we are independently dependent, living for each other, 

Because selfishness is like taking a cold milkshake that’s bitter! 

What if after reading all these and you still don’t understand my motif? 


Aka (OUM)

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