Craziest Photoshop ever, this is simply amazing

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Picture manipulation, popularly known as Photoshop has become a trend among social media users as they are fun and exciting to view.

From the one that put himself on the Eiffel Tower to the flying in the sky, among many other Photoshop masterpieces.

Someone could take pictures oh himself in Nigeria and, with the help of Photoshop, edit it and place himself on Donald Trump’s seat in Washington DC. Thanks to technology, which makes it possible.

We have seen many crazy Photoshops on social media, but this one that surfaced online has got people wondering what is going on in the picture.

A Twitter influencer @volqx__, who posted the picture on Twitter, captioned it with “Wait, am I drunk, or is there something really wrong with this picture. What do you see?”

Twitter users who couldn’t believe what their eyes saw took to the comment section to express their views about the amazing picture manipulation.

While some said they saw one love, some said they saw an improper fraction trying to be whole.

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