Exposed: Real cause of Abacha’s death

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Even if you ask a primary school kid about what killed Abacha, he or she would tell you it is Apple.

However, the announcement that it was poisoned apple that killed the military general was a total manufactured story.

The general passed away in the year 1998, as per the rumor and what people believe, it was said that General Sani Abacha died from a poison which he consumed, the apple was alleged to have been given to him by one of his babes.

Although Abacha had a lust for women and cherished women, a lot of which his death story was linked to a woman.

From facts gathered, it was confirmed that on 8th June 1998, General Sani Abacha died and was buried the same day. You should be aware that as per Muslim culture, the Muslim corpse is buried within a short period in which they die.

It was the same in Abacha’s case. He was buried the same day he died, and no post-mortem was done on his body. There is no medical investigation done on his body to confirm the cause of his death.

From the sight of things, Abacha died of cardiovascular failure, and there was no physical injury on him to assume he was stabbed or shot.

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