Revealed: See annual income of Boko Haram

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Forbes Israel has brought out the list of wealthiest terrorist groups. Nigerian terrorist sect, Boko Haram, was named as the 10th richest in the world.

The terrorist group annual revenue is placed at $25 million (4,232,496,089.17), and it came on a list that has the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as the richest.

According to the ranking, the annual income of ISIS is $2 billion, Hamas has an annual revenue of $1billion, Colombia’s FARC has an annual revenue of $600 million and Hezbollah came fourth with annual revenue of $500 million.

Taliban came fifth with annual revenue of $400 million, followed by Al-Qaeda, which has an annual revenue of $150 million.

The rest are; Pakistani based Lashkar e- Taiba with revenue of $100 million, Somalia’s Al-Shabaab with $100 million annual revenue, Real IRA with $50 million, and Boko Haram came 10th with an annual income of $25 million.

The question is, who is sponsoring this terrorist groups with such a huge amount of money?

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