The naked tribe you never knew exist in Nigeria

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When civilization has taken over the entire world, some parts of the world still do all it can to protect her culture from being wiped off.

This is similar to the people of the Koma tribe. The Koma tribe inhabit in Gongola State. Gongola State, which was created on 3 February 1976 from Adamawa and Sardauna Provinces of North State, it was divided into two states – Adamawa and Taraba in 27 August 1991.

People of Koma singing and dancing with farm implements in their hands.

The Koma tribe still believes in walking about naked with only leaves tied around their waist as part of their culture, which should be maintained.

The people of Koma live in small huts and mud houses; they also live in the hills. They can be found inhabiting the mountain called Atlantika Mountain.

The photo of a Koma woman making woven basketry

Their occupation is majorly farming and hunting. Most times, they go about gathering fruits and seeds; they use the fruits they gather, such as a banana, to make substances they rub in their body to prevent it from drying out.

In the Koma tribe, their male children are circumcised when they get to adolescent age. Two incisor teeth of their female children are removed too. This is the major ritual performed there.

They allow their male or female child to get married once the person has performed these rituals. The bride price is paid by presenting livestock such as goat, fowl, sheep, or cattle.

The Koma tribe believes in a supreme being, and they call it asZum.

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