Leave the North for the worst is to come- Pastor declares

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From a viral video currently on the Internet, we can see one pastor Oliver of New Testament World of Faith Ministries in Lagos telling Members of his vision.

Pastor Oliver said God showed him serious killings in Nigeria. He warned his congregations to immediately ask their friends and families to leave the north, for it will not be safe. Kano, Borno, Adamawa, Sokoto, Katsina and other northern states will be brutal. He said only Kaduna would have relative peace. The eastern part of Nigeria will not be safe either the pastor preached.

The pastor in the video said 2 factions would fight, and it will take only international nations to intervene in the massacre.

He asked his members to go on their knees and pray for the international nations to come on time; otherwise, everybody will die.

Pastor Oliver said he hopes there will be a Nigeria come 2023.

He didn’t say the cause of the fight. He only stressed on relocation from the north.

What does this mean?

Is the war between the Igbo’s and Hausa’s? Because he said, the north and east will not be safe.

Is this a prophet of DOOM?

Did God speak to this pastor?

Only time will tell

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