Convid-19: Soldiers seen everywhere to enforce stay-at-home order

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Soldiers were seen walking in the streets of the eastern cape, South Africa warning people that they should be in their houses before the lock down.

Many people were shocked to see the soldiers in their area. They saw that the president was really serious.

Some said the soldiers were deployed too early in their area because it’s not midnight yet.

Some people were afraid to come out, and they only looked through their windows and some through their doors. The other residents began to scream just by seeing the soldiers walking across their streets.

The movement of the soldiers was peaceful and polite, and there was nothing violent of any kind though some local people began to run away when they saw them as if they were being chased of which they weren’t.

South Africans know what they should do to move forward, and we all must adhere to the precautions, we must stay in our houses for our safety.

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