Do not collect rents for 90 days – Govt. tells Landlord

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It’s going to be very hard in Nigeria because individuals own all businesses, both public transport. You can’t use it to compare an advance country where transport are owned and run by the government.

It’s not deceiving. It’s just that it is the only source of living for some people’s family and all.

If they stay at home, will the government pay them like other countries are doing?

The government of our country has failed us all.

They never had any good plans for us.

It’s a pity that it is happening now.

They never made haste why the sun was shining.

They didn’t save for the rainy days.

Now the money they have will be useless to them because they cannot fly out for proper treatment.

Failed system.

But in Italy and Kenya, it has been made mandatory for all landlords not to collect rent from their tenants for a good three months.

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