Convid-19: Akon accuses politicians, government,

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As the world is being ravaged by coronavirus, with an increase of cases every day, activists and individuals have taken a turn to comment on it.

Popular Singer, Akon has lend his voice and accused the government and politicians of making promises they don’t fulfill.

According to him, all the money promised all over the world by politicians and the government. Nobody has got a dime.

He tweeted: “Politicians and governments around the world promise billions and even trillions to help people out of work, families in need. “No one has seen a dime yet.”

In most countries, politicians and governments have promised to help those taken out of a job because of the virus to help them in one way or the other.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to give $82 billion to help businesses for their loss and to help residents to be able to cope with the disruption caused by Convid-19.

See his tweet below

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