See Former Super Eagles Player Who Sleep With Virgins For Rituals and Fame

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Idah Peterside might not sound familiar to most people, but he was a former Super Eagles goalkeeper.

Here is a brief history of the goalkeeper turned pastor:

Idah Peterside was born in Port Harcourt on the 25th of November, 1974. He is a Nigerian international football goalkeeper and media officer, television pundit, and pastor. He retired from active football in 2002. He is currently a football analyst for SuperSports and Pastor at Christ Ambassadors Church based in Kempton Park, Johannesburg.

Before his retirement, the clubs he played for are BCC Lions, Enyimba F.C, Temba Classic and Moroka Swallows F. C

In an interview on a radio station, he narrated how his love for money and fame led him into the miserable world of occultism.

The former Super Eagles’ player turned pastor, Idah Peterside, made the confessions on Ifeanyi Udeze’s diary via Brila FM, on Tuesday morning.

According to SunNews, Peterside told Udeze that he had an unquenchable hunger for money and fame, which led him into the horrible world of occultism.

He said he went so deep into occultism to the extent of getting involved in demonic worship. He added that people around him had no idea of what he was involved in.

He also confessed that because of money and fame, which was eluding him at that time, he got to a stage that he was having meetings with snakes.

He said he usually initiates women, especially virgins. He initiated them by sleeping with them.

And the more women he slept with, the higher he moved up the ladder in the occultic realm because his covenant was to initiate women.

He said he never slept with women for love or because of having a relationship with them. My mission was to sleep with them to initiate them and move on to the next one.

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