This Is The Most Wicked Pope That Ever Ruled Catholic Church

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He became a pope in 896AD. His tenure or rule was a short one because he started his papacy with a show of wickedness and unforgiveness.

He had a misunderstanding with his predecessor Pope Formosus because the later pledged allegiance to a different fraction in the Catholic church.

So he became angry and resentful towards him and always wanted to deal with him and pay him back for supporting an opposite fraction.

Unfortunately, by the time Stephen VII became the Pope and had the power to deal with his enemies, Pope Formosus was already dead.

So he ordered that the decaying remains of the dead Pope be dug up and dressed in the regalia of a pope and be put on trial he accused the dead remains of the Pope of Blasphemy.

Since the dead body could not talk, He provided it with a council who never said a word throughout the trial.

He found the remains of his predecessor guilty. He ordered that he be stripped of the papal vestments, then he hacked off the three fingers of his right hand the fingers the Late Pope had used for giving a blessing.

Then Pope Stephen VII went further to drag the body and to make a spectacle of it throughout the streets of Rome till almost nothing was left on the body.

He then threw and dumped the particles of what used to be the corpse Pope Formosus in the Tiber Rivers.

Shortly after this, he was strangled by his enemies the following year. What goes around, comes around.

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