I Don’t Regrret Killing My Landlord – Man Declares

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What would be your action if you caught another man laying naked with your wife on your marital bed.?

I guess many men would not take it likely. You are likely to lose your sanity at that point in time.

This is precisely what happened to Babajide Akinsanya, who damn the consequences and allegedly shoot his landlord to death after he caught the deceased sleeping with a wife he recently wedded.

Despite taking the law into his own hands, the 32-year-old said he did not regret his actions, and he is ready to face the full wrought of the law.

“I’m ready to face the law, I really don’t care what happens at this time.” the man said when the police interrogated him.

He narrated that he has been suspecting his wife having an affair with his landlord.

He disclosed that he came back from work barely three hours after leaving home only to find his wife and the landlord nak*d.

The wife is currently nursing a life-threatening injury.

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