Tragedy As 23 Years Old Rapes His 27 Years Old Sister (Watch Video)

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Chima Is a 23 years old graduate from imo state University owerri, he grew up with his father, step mother, whom his father married after the death of his mother and his step sister.

Growing and living in a self contained apartment did more bad than good to Chima, he was constantly bombarded with the nakedness of his older step sister,


His sister who was identified as miss oluchi ogbonnaya, took chima as a younger brother and never felt ashamed dressing in front of him, little did she know that such act was creating a different impression in his mind.

According to chima, it all started when they were still little, oluchi would strip entirely in front of him whenever she wanted to bath, after taking her bath, she would still dress in front of him, as they grew older, his step mother warned oluchi to desist from dressing naked in front of chima but she never listened.

Until that fateful day, The devil came knocking,

According to chima “really don’t know what came over me yesterday when i saw my sister in another dimensional way again after bathing, i dragged my sister to myself and i forced her to have intercourse with me.’

They were caught by their father who heard the agonizing screams of oluchi as chima forced himself on her, he immediately came to her rescue and within minutes, neigbours and people who were curious to know what’s happening came to their house.

Chima was immediately sized by neighbors as he tried to escape, his father together with their neighbors took him to the police while his step mother took Oluchi to the hospital for treatment.

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