Wicked World: See What This Popular Man Did To His Blood Brother

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The land has been a significant reason many people ran away from their hometown in Nigeria. Because of the struggle over it that has sent many to an early grave.

The residents of  Oso, Edda community in Ebonyi state, were shocked after a man was caught in the morning of Monday, March 30, as he was trying to bury a deadly charm and other fetish things in an uncompleted building belonging to his younger brother.

The suspect identified as Kingsley Okorie is a 50 years old farmer, he plants yams, cassava, Water yam etc., Kingsley is a well to do man by the village standard, he has two wives and 8 Children.

Kingsley has been at cold war with his younger brother called Obioma, who is a banker at Fidelity bank. It all started after their father died, and his lands were shared between his two sons by their kin.

Kingsley got a larger share of the land because he’s the first son, while Obioma got a smaller portion.

Kingsley wanted Obioma’s own too, which was by the roadside. According to him, it was fertile for cropping, but Obioma vehemently refused, this led to enmity between the two brothers.

As years rolled by, Obioma saved some money and came over to start some little building project on the land, which made Kingsley angry.

By night on the fateful day of March 30, 2020, Kingsley went to bury charms on the land. But he ran out of luck as he was nabbed in the act by a neighbor who came out to urinate by 5 am,

She immediately screamed on seeing him and neighbors came out swiftly, and apprehended him,

People within the environment gathered around him. He was made to kneel by his charm to explain reason for his actions.

He confessed to the crime and said he wanted to bury it, so any day his brother Obioma steps inside the building, he’ll be struck by a strange sickness that will result in his death.

The village youths stripped him half-naked, covered him with palm front and beat him up,

They wanted to burn him alive but the police intervened and sprayed tear gas and scattered the crowd.

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