Nigerian Guy Who Returned From Spain Jail His Parent, See His Reason

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A young Nigerian man who bases in Spain has returned to the country only to find out that his parent has been deceived him.

The man who has been sending money for his parents to build a house for him said they could not account for the money.

A Facebook user, Nnamdi shared the story

“One of us just locked his 65 years old father and 56 years old mother in the police cell.”

“They slept their last night, and he instructed that if anyone should come for their bail, the person should also be arrested.”

“His parents didn’t do what is right, but I’ve asked him to withdraw the police case that there are better ways to resolve this.”

He went further to narrate what the young man told him.

“Ben, I’m sorry I have to do what I did, but you don’t understand how painful it is that all my hustle where wasted by greed parent on irrelevant things.”

“You know I’ve been in Spain for the past six years hustling and doing menial jobs to survive. I was working and sending money home.”

“I told my parents to use the money to buy two plots of land and build a house for us all to stay because we’ve suffered.”

“Do you believe I came back and found out they’ve not done anything on the land, only one plot of land was bought And because they know I am coming back, they started the foundation.”

“The painful part is that they have been sending me fake pictures that the house is completed. Bro, I’m running mad.”

“They just wasted my six years in Spain with nothing to show for it. I am still thinking of what they did with the money.”

“If I can’t trust my parents, who can I trust then?” He lamented

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