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The real people behind Boko Haram are the government and the northerners.

Yes, take it or leave it. Let’s take a look at the Nnamdi Kanu saga. You could see the energy the government channeled against him.

Likewise, Sowore, we could see how he was handled. He was utterly apprehended and put to rest by the government.

Why is the same energy not channeled against Shekau?

Why is it so difficult to deal with Boko Haram?

To me, it seems the government is not doing anything at all. It’s a man-knows-man thing. Whether we like it or not, the Boko Haram is scripted, and the northerner knows that.

Why the northern?

They are using it as an Avenue to channel money to their region. Since this has started, the north now has a special allocation in the national budget.

Typical, let’s get honest for one second, Nigerians are smarter than this.

Boko Haram was scripted to disturb Goodluck Jonathan’s regime and make him lose the election so he (Buhari) can win.

How come we’ve all forgotten how Buhari threatened to make Jonathan’s government unbearable. I know everyone would say, ”its politics.”

I know it is but, don’t get it twisted. The Boko Haram thing is a way to loot money from our national purse. With millions of naira being wasted every year and no positive result, it shows it is propaganda.

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