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COVID-19: Bill Gates Insist Vaccines Must Be Tested In Africa And South Asia First, See His Reason

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Bill Gates has insisted on this because, according to him, these continents have a lower number of COVID-19 patients.

He said this while revealing that the vaccine is still under production, and they are making sure they go faster about it on a safer basis.

He added that those who are not infected would also take the vaccine against the deadly disease.

The vaccine is under production and will be made available in a month.

The American Billionaire Bill gates insist the vaccine should be tested in Africa and South Asia first because they have the low number of COVID-19 patients.

“Report says the vaccine is to protect the immune system from contracting the COVID-19 virus”.

More so, mostly those that haven’t contracted the virus will be vaccinated to prevent the spread, and they’ll be under observation if the vaccine should be implemented all over the world or not.

The vaccine, although not available yet, may not be able to cure the virus exactly but certainly will be preventing more people from contracting the virus.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19: Bill Gates Insist Vaccines Must Be Tested In Africa And South Asia First, See His Reason

  1. He’s mad and stupid, this time around we won’t joke about our lives and We have to find a way to change this and provide justice for the people. We must hold wrongdoers accountable to the Laws of Maát. This is where the United States of Africa comes in. Because we have resources of which we can come together and utilize them with a common goal,that is, to reduce the taste for Western goods

  2. I think 🤔 he feel black people are fools well is all about self defense let me see how he will put vaccines in my siblings or family infact Africa this is the best time to tell white pig 🐷 that black monkey 🐒 is more superior just imagine insult, test it in China where it start or are u afraid of China 🇨🇳 u think Africa is fool because of our leaders well let’s wait see ur best action over it….

  3. if these speech should be towards Africans, I believe our people wouldn’t accept that fact but our leaders will do, thats is where the challenge comes from, I think its high time for we Africans to cast all the white men out of our country. imagine, the sickness, CORONA VIRUS was originated in China and now Africans are to be the first people to take the vaccines. the question is are we fools?. let me explain these secrets behind Corona virus, the anti-Christ are the devils behind this sickness, and their plans is to destroy the Africans race and take over the world, and in my observations BILL GATE is an agent of the devil. That is why his target is to let Africans get the vaccines first. but I plead our leaders unbehalf of my patriot, That all the plans of these people is to kill Africans, because they knew that Corona virus rumors inject no fear in us, that is why they brought this idea of vaccines, and the vaccines are loaded with the real virus to eliminate us so that they can get access to our country and resources… I AM A NIGERIAN, OUR LEADERS ARE WEAK AND CANT DO ANYTHING, BUT I BELIEVE THAT OUR NEIGHBORING COUNTRY CAN DO SO PLEASE HELP US

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