Exposed: How We Infected Africans With HIV Through Vaccines

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A Foreign Intelligence Officer Recently Exposed How He And Several Others Deliberately Infected Thousands of Africans With AIDS/HIV Through Vaccines.

▪️Another French Politician Also Exposed How The French Govt Used Congolese Citizens As Guinea Pigs To Test AIDS/HIV Vaccines.

▪️Another Unnamed White/Foreign Doctor Also Exposed How Ebola Was Transmitted Through Vaccines Into The Blood Of Thousands Of African Women And Children.

▪️Just a Few Weeks Ago, Some French Doctors On Live TV Were Suggesting That Vaccines For COVID-19 Should Be Tested And Experimented On Africans First Before Giving It To The Rest Of The World.

▪️African Govt’s, It’s Time To Start Saying No To Any Form Of Vaccines Brought To Us By Foreign Governments. For Years They Have Used The People Of Africa As Their Guinea Pigs To Test Their Vaccines And Also Deliberately Infect The African People With Different Killer Virus.

▪️Their Goal Is To Depopulate Africa, Make The Continent Underdeveloped, And Take Control Of The Resources In Africa. This Has To Stop!

▪️Say No To Vaccines, Stay Safe, Stay Alert!

1 thought on “Exposed: How We Infected Africans With HIV Through Vaccines

  1. It is time for the governments of individual African nations and also collectively reject any forms of help and benevolence thrown at us because all these always have an underlaying motives. We can see some of them confessing their atrocious acts against the Africans. Meanwhile, they will come as friendly nations pretending to helping our nations but they are deadly, no white man, asia, American or meddle East ever like the blacks, it’s all pretence. So, let’s collectively say no to any forms of vaccine or medical help from any nation to Africans, rather let us go back to the traditional medicine.
    Eveery single nations outside African continent are covetous of the continent’s resources. May God help us in Africa

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