COVID-19: See Amazing Thing Happening In United States Of America

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The COVID-19 virus is currently wreaking havoc in America. With over 17,000 deaths recorded.

Amid the social distancing rule, residents have lined up in their cars to get access to food in San Antonio, California.

The kind gestures are being carried out by a locals San Antonio based food bank. The food bank says it distributed over one million pounds of food to well over 6,000 families in a single day.

According to the food bank, each family left with a month’s supply of food. This gesture is coming as the united states treasury, is getting set to send stimulus welfare cheques to citizens.

Congress had earlier last month passed a historic welfare package bill in recent US history to enable citizens and companies to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

Scientists worldwide are working tirelessly to create a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus disease, which has slowed down the world economy.

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