COVID-19: You Must Quit Religion Now – Guru Maharaj, (See His Reason)

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Mr. Guru Maharaj, the founder of One Love Family, has dropped another bomb stating that all Nigerians must drop religions to combat coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at the conference in Lagos, he said it is time for Nigerians to realize that they move away from religion and “Holy Power Syndrome.”

He was quoted saying, “We have found that the word God is abracadabra, a metamorphosed way of misleading people from the creator. Our people must go away from Holy Spirit syndrome, Holy Fire, Holy Michael. They are not working. They should get away from religion completely.”

He said Coronavirus would be dead the moment we are holding each as one Nigeria.

He further said that those who possess divine knowledge would see who is real Coronavirus as they would be in the spiritual realm.

He said: “Look at it, see what has happened. Holy Ghost power has run away oo. Praise the Lord rababaraba, everything na lie o.

They have even closed areas in Saudi Arabia, Mekkah, Medina, no roads. So, where lies the power that Moses used to split water into two? Where is the power David used to kill Goliath?”

He alleged that we are all perishing because we lack divine knowledge.

However, mixed reactions have trailed him. Some people even curse him. Is this man okay? Or do you believe in his view?

Or are these signs of the end of the World? Please share your views in the comment section and share it with others. May God not mislead us!

1 thought on “COVID-19: You Must Quit Religion Now – Guru Maharaj, (See His Reason)

  1. Guru Maharaj i agree that we have somany false prophets arround the glope just like having the Pharasees and the Sadducees in the Bible and i also know that for u to say every thing is “Abracadabra” that i know for sure is not bcuz for those who fellowship God in truth and in spirit the words of God is alive and active bcuz i’m a living witness and i testify gone are those days i used to think like Guru Maharaj.
    And even if u think that is Abracadabra that naitve Doctors power where does it originate from? if u ask me i will say it’s from God bcuz God allows it to rains on the righteous and evil alike except when we as individuals decide to use it for either Evil or Good. By the way who is the source and author of King Solomon’s wisdom? What happens to him when he started deviating from God standard by worshiping other foreigns gods in place of God. When we are confronted with the storms of life or trials just like Job ofcuz choice is place b4 us should we like course God to die or withstand those triaying moments like Job or Jesus Christ?

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