The Most Beautiful Palace In Africa, See Where It Is Located. Such An Amazing Beauty

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When we talk about royalty, different things make one royal, and if you are royalty, you should live up to it.

A Nigerian king has the most beautiful palace in Africa, possibly better than that of Queen Elizabeth of England.

His Royal Majesty, Dr. Abdul Rahman Ado Ibrahim, is the traditional ruler of Ebiraland in Kogi State, Nigeria.

He was born on 7th February 1929, this make him a year younger than Queen Elizabeth of England.

He has been the traditional ruler of Ebiraland since 1979. His traditional title is Ohinoyi of Ebiraland.

His palace is located in Okene town, Okene local government, which is the administrative center of the Ebira speaking tribe.

The king has the most beautiful palace in Africa with so many other expensive things.

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