Girl Who Was Buried Two Years Ago Come Back To Her Parent, See Shocking Story

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A young lady was buried by her parents two years ago, but drama started when she walked back to her parents.

The young lady who is Winnie was sick before she died and was taken to the morgue and subsequently buried.

Winnie, who is from Masala town in Ndola, Zambia, said she was not the one the parent buried.

The young lady said they didn’t bury her, but rather, they buried a banana tree.

The matter was taken to the Central Police, where a DNA test will be approved and more investigation is done to uncover the truth.

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PHOTO: Girl 'Buried' 2 Years Ago Walks Back To Parent's House In ...
PHOTO: Girl 'Buried' 2 years ago walks back to parent's house in ...

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