Congratulations To Nigerians, What Buhari Did to Tackle Coronavirus is working

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As the death tolls of Coronavirus rise in Nigeria, the central have come up with a thought and decisions to tackle this issues once and for all

Even though some Nigerians are against this, but I feel this can be necessary as this can help hasten the quickest eradication of this virus, the steps they took to scale back their  cases, allow them to teach us, and hopefully it’ll help a lot

The long-awaited Chinese medical doctors which Nigeria have invited to assist fight coronavirus has finally arrived

The team arrived in Nigeria during a chartered Air Peace aircraft on Wednesday afternoon.

They are expected to help Nigeria in efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehainre, was at the airport to receive the medical team.

This and many more are the moves taken to fight coronavirus. So we hope for it to work for us.

Let cooperate with the central and let fight this COVID 19 once and for all

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