WAEC releases 2022 WASSCE results

Proven Steps To Make An ‘A’ In WAEC

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  1. Realize you will be writing WAEC in 2020

When you realize that you will be writing WAEC in 2020, it will give you a boost to study well.

Tell yourself, “I want to have A’s in all my papers.” Stay positive despite the rumor of how difficult the exam is and don’t follow the crow.

2. Leave Exam-malpractice mentality

If you’re thinking of passing WAEC with examination malpractice, then this article is not for you because you are far from making an A

3. Understand how WAEC set their questions

If you understand how WAEC set their question, it becomes easier to pass their exam. The big question is, “How do I know how they set their question?” and the answer is simple “Check their past question papers.”

4. Make sure you read the right way

Then the method of reading for WAEC is different from how you read for your class exam. If you don’t prepare using the right method, you will fail. It’s a fact.


  • Use recommended WAEC textbooks when studying
  • Ask questions about what you don’t understand.
  • Prepare a time table for your WAEC reading and do all you can to stick to it.
  • Start reading early, don’t wait till the exam is close
  • Most importantly, work on your handwriting, it can make you fail even when you’ve written the correct answers.
  • Discover your weakness

5. Discover which area you have weakness and work on it.


  • Take the WAEC test many times. It is found in the past questions. This will help you know the subject you need more work on
  • Solve past question very well
  • Use the best study techniques that work for you. Don’t follow your friends.
  • Try to cover all topics in the WAEC syllabus by reading extensively. That’s why you need to start reading on time.
  • Eliminate all forms of examination fear. This alone can make you forget all you read and fail.

6. Have a reading group

This can be very helpful. But it is advised you spend more time on personal reading than group reading. Work on your speed. Group reading can help you share ideas with others, solve difficult questions together, and make you learn while teaching others.


  1. Answer the questions correctly and avoid telling too many stories. Go straight to the point
  2. If you’re confused, ask the invigilators and not your fellow students.
  3. PLEASE always follow instructions carefully and correctly.
  4. Take note of the units especially in mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  5. Write eligibly and boldly

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