Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Pushes For Regional Revolution Across Nigeria

Biafra News
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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader, has urged Nigerians to push for a serious revolution in the country.

He made it known while speaking on radio Biafra on how the government has insisted on 5G installation.

He urged Nigerians to react over the incessant killings happening all over the country and ask them to remove this government in power by force.

“As lockdown is on, even in the same Anambra state, they are busy installing the same 5G other country are rejecting because it weakens the immune system of people.”

He also spoke about Tinubu becoming the president of Nigeria.

“Those of you thinking that if Tinubu becomes the president, that things will get better, you should better think twice.

“Obasanjo was there for 8years, what happened? Those from the southern part, Goodluck Jonathan were there for 6years, was there any difference?

Speaking on the need for the revolution he said

“The revolution should be a regional something, and each region should organize themselves. The west, northeast, and middle belt. The east is organized, already waiting for others.

“How many people will they kill if we decide to rise together at the same time against the oppressive regime,” He said.

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