Another Success Of An Attack Recorded By Air Task Force On Boko Haram

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The Nigerian Military, through the Air force of Operation LAFIYA DOLE, has killed several Boko Haram fighters and has destroyed their logistics facility within the heart of the Sambisa Forest in Borno State.

The military air force strikes were carried out as a part of an ongoing operation to destroy capabilities of the Boko Haram before they attack land forces.

According to the defense media operations, the strikes were conducted after series of day and night intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and missions confirmed that makeshift structures hidden under the dense vegetation of the area, was being used by the insurgents as store house as well as the house of their fighters.

This was how the information guts to the deployment of fighter jets to attack the hideout and to lead to the destruction of some of the structures as well as the killing of several Boko Haram.

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