Bad News For Civil Savants as the Unexpected Happens.

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Are you a civil servant working for the Government of Kenya? Are you a teacher employed by the teacher’s service commission? This is why you should be worried.

The Government of Kenya is being faced with a tough time since Coronavirus entered in to Kenyan borders. It has been forced to reduce its tax rates to the favor of common ‘Mwananchi.’ Situations are getting

Worse of it is the Government is spending a lot of money trying to contain the virus. Taking tests and also taking care of coronavirus victims is quite expensive. However, it is the role of the Government to consider the welfare of her citizens.

The government officials stated that they might be forced to slash the salaries of civil servants to take care of the Coronavirus in Kenya. However, it is stated that this shall be used as the last option.

We pray that situation does not reach this point. Continue praying for Kenya. May Almighty God rescue and protect Kenya from this pandemic.

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