Good News For Schools After Lockdown

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At the end of the lockdown due to Coronavirus, the students will be allowed to become useful points for health workers to conduct screenings and testing for COVID-19 depending on your class.

This will check if the virus is within their families or homes. The government believes the process will be good for the students.

The Department of Education said teachers will be provided with study guides, content summaries, revision exercises and lessons plans to catch up programs for the students.

A recovery plan have been drafted by the department which include scrapping of June examination, making the June and September holiday very short to be able to meet up with the academic year calendar.

The Minster of Basic Education, South Africa, Minister Motshekga, made this known.

The Department of Education has drafted out the different resumption dates for all schools.

Grade 12 and 7 would resume on 6th May, Grade 11 and 6 on 20th May, Grade 10 and 5 on 3rd June, Grade 9 and 4 on 17th June, Grade 8 and 3 on 1st July and Grade 1, 2 and R on the 8th and 15th July respectively.

Motshekga said the plan is based on if the lockdown ends on 30th April. But if it didn’t end, a new date will be rescheduled.

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