I Will Tell Nigerians Who Is In Aso Rock If I am Removed As APC Chairman

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The question is, who is really in Aso-rock? Why it is that top APC members are always threatening to expose who is in Aso-Rock.

Rochas Okorocha, on 2nd November 2018, declared his motive of installing his son-in-law to take over him as Imo State Governor. The entire APC members rejected his decision. Then Rochas, in his statement, said, “I will help Nnamdi Kanu to expose the real person in the Aso –rock if APC and Federal Government refuses to install my son-in-law as governor. And this is going to make the angry youths to burn Aso – rock down.”

Adams Oshemele, on 5th January 2020, was also about to n=be removed as the chairman of APC. He  said the same thing “if I am removed as the APC nation Chairman, I will reveal to the Nigerians who are in Aso Rock.”

And the questions Nigerians are asking is why the top politicians are always threatening to expose something in Aso Rock and tell Nigerian the real person there. Is it not our President Mohammadu Burai that is there? What is it that they want to expose…?

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