COVID-19: You Will Decide To Stay At Home After Reading This

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It is due to ignorance among Africans that will make Bill and Melinda Gates take us for granted.

But, while Bill Gates and Melinda Gates might not be the reason we need to sit at home, it is simply because coronavirus is real.

Abba Kyari got the best medical attention, best ventilators, best medical experts were assigned to him, yet he died.

Are you complaining of hunger, cigarettes, or alcohol to drink? Please think twice and sit at home.

If you contact coronavirus, there is little or no chance for you to get ventilators as Abba Kyari did.

The chances you have is that you are going to die. You might even die before you get to the hospital by the time you realize what is wrong with you.

The primary care center or even the Federal Medical Center in your state might not be equipped enough to treat you.

Don’t stay at home because the government says so, stay at home because you love your life and love your loved once.

Many people might recover from COVID-19, but have you asked yourself if you will be among the lucky once if you contract it.

Wash your hands properly, avoid putting your hands in your mouth, nose, or eyes if not properly washed.

COVID-19 might be the real revolution that the poor masses have been crying for in Africa.

May God keep us all safe as we continue to do our part.

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