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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Blows Hot After Abba Kyari’s Burial

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB, has criticized a statement signed by Bashir Ahmed.

The statement bothers on the man who was seen in a viral video dumping his outfit on the street, the outfit he used to protect himself during the burial of Abba Kyari.

Read what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu posted on his official Facebook page.

“Bashir Ahmad, a Media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, has reacted to a viral video showing an NCDC official dumping his protective outfit on the ground after the burial of Abba Kyari.”

My Yoruba brethren, where is Femi Adesina, and more importantly, where is Yemi Osinbajo?

How many more people are your leaders prepared to sacrifice for Tinubu to become the next Yoruba president of the Zoo?

I have been raising the alarm for days now that Femi Adesina and Yemi Osinbajo are in trouble, but you don’t appear bothered. Why?

Who is this previously unheard Bashir Ahmad now issuing statements that should normally come from Femi Adesina? Was it because I exposed him last night as the person behind recent Facebook posts on Femi Adesina’s page, was that why he decided to come clean by signing this statement?

Those who ignorantly call themselves Nigerians can now see that Fulani organized criminal gangs that concealed the death of Buhari are now appointing their sons-in-law and children to any available position in Aso Rock, now that the de-facto president Abba Kyari is gone.

By the time the current band of Fulani thieves and their extended families are done with the Zoo, you all know will know the true meaning of looting and corruption.

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