Meet The Woman With The Strongest Va9ina

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Guinness World Book has recorded the woman below for having the strongest vagina in the world.

She is identified as Tatyana Kozhevnikova from Russia. She is into gymnastics and also a mother.

Most women engage in fitness such as workout, running, squatting, and others. But Tatyana will not just stop there, and she went ahead to train her pubic area.

She can carry up to 30 kilos (about 10kg) of an item with the crotch muscle, this her earner her a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

She was not born with this feature; she trained herself and worked towards it.

According to her, after her childbirth, her veejay became flappy and sloppy, and she decided to work on it.

How does she raise the weight with her veejay?

She takes a wood egg and ties a rope on it. She inserts the wood egg into her veejay and attaches the road to the objects she wants to lift.

She will grip it tightly in a kegel-style, making it firm and be able to lift the item.

Don’t you think she’s amazing?

See pictures below

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