Revealed: Mass grave where Covid-19 deaths victims are buried (Watch video)

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A video has been leaked online, showing a mass burial of those who have died of coronavirus in Brazil.

The burial which took place in Manaus, Brazil’s hit the hard city. Brazil has a coronavirus confirmed case of 54043, with 3704 deaths and 27655 recoveries out of the 211 million population of the country.

Manaus is the city that has the highest death rate compared to other cities in Brazil.

Taking to Twitter @World Updates, a video has been posted online showing the city too congested with graves of victims who died due to coronavirus.

The incident is a sad one. The Mayor of Manaus described the scene as a “horror movie.”

Bodies are seen pilling up in refrigerator trucks, and bulldozers were seen digging graves in the cemetery.

The Brazilian president Jair Bolsanaro has played down on the virus and referred it as “a little cold.” He has demanded that the lockdown should be ended.

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