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Strange creature caught in Cross River State, very terrifying


Farmers in Obudu, Cross River State, caught strange animals in their farms. The animals have a bat-like look and make some screeching sounds.

The incident which happened on Friday came as a surprise to the farmers.

They were scared when they saw the creature as they’ve not seen such a bird before.

“I found the creature on the ground, it couldn’t fly or run, but it was furiously moving. I had to call my partners. We can’t explain this.” One of the farmers said

Ette Ubong, one of the farmers, narrated how he saw a cat under the water in 2012, but nobody believed him.

He said there are more strange creatures in the area because it was full of thick and old forests.

When asked the next thing, they would do to the creature.

“The government will come and pick it up for study as they’ve always done.” One of the farmers replied.

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