Woman who was buried alive by her neighbors dug herself out

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A woman who was allegedly buried alive by her drunken neighbors succeeded in dug herself out of the grave.

Nina Rudchenko, 57, was attacked in her home at Maryanske, Ukraine, by her neighbors, who are two brothers aged 27 years and 30 years, respectively.

The woman was allegedly dragged to the cemetery and was forced to dig the grave which she was buried in.

When the brothers went away, thinking she was dead, Nina dug herself out of the grave and was taken to the hospital.

Those who tortured her are to face up to 10 years in police custody when found guilty.

Recalling the events, Ms. Nina told the local media, “I lay in the grave face down, and they began to bury me.

“My face was covered with my hands to reserve some space for air. While they bury me, they continued laughing and saying they will kill all my family.

“After they finished, they thought I was dead and left, and then I was able to dig myself out of the grave.”

She managed to crawl home and then became unconscious; it was her sister Ludmila Gura who saw her lying on the floor of her house.

Mrs. Gura said, “when I saw Nina, I barely could recognize her because her face was covered with blood and bruises.”

When she was taken to the hospital, a surgeon, Oleksandr Klymchuk from Velykobagachansk District Hospital, said they were shocked to see her like that and diagnosed her.

“Nina was diagnosed with a broken jaw and nose and a brain concussion. Her body and head were covered with bruises.

The police have commenced investigation immediately as the attackers have been arrested.

“The suspects can also be accused and charged for kidnapping, but we are still investigating the matter.” Police Spokesperson, Evgen Slipchenko said

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