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Top Four Strongest Rulers Africa Ever Had, No 2 Will Surprise You.

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Africa has had its fair share of different rulers that have ruled their respective countries with tough hands.


He was known for his brutal and strict rule and several crimes against humanity while in power at the East African Country.

Idi was born in Koboko, West Nile Province of Uganda. He rose to the top military rank and overthrew the then Uganda ruler and declared himself president. He was president for eight years.

Amin lived an extravagant lifestyle, which led to the collapse of the economy of Uganda. Because of his quest for power, he committed so many crimes against humanity, carrying out brutal and mass killings all around the country.

He was overthrown in 1979. He fled to Libya and to Saudi Arabia, where he died.


Popularly known as Colonel Gaddafi, he led some young military officers to carry out a bloodless coup d’etat against King Idris.

The former king fled the country, and the Libyan Revolutionary Command Council (RCC), which was headed by Gaddafi, abolished the old constitution of monarchy and established the new Libyan Arab Republic.

It was reported that Gaddafi ordered his senior military general to starve the people of Misrata. He forbade fuel, supply vehicles, and other services from entering the city.

Gaddafi also invaded several neighboring states of Africa, mainly Chad in the 1970s and 1980s.

All these lead to poor relations between Libya and other foreign countries.


General Abacha was a paramount ruler who imprisoned and executed many who opposed him.

He embezzled the nation’s wealth in billions of dollars and also made a fortune from his dealings in the oil reserve of Nigeria.

As a Minister of Defense, he forced the interim President, Ernest Shonekan, to resign.

His regime brought several economic feats but recorded several cases of abuse on human rights.


Robert Mugabe was born into a poor family at Kutama, Southern Rhodesia.

He started his education at Kutama College and went to the University of Forte Hare to further his studies.

Due to the white minority rule in his homeland angered him and made him embrace Marxism. He joined the African nationalist to call for an independent state that is controlled by the black majority.

While in power, Mugabe arrested and tortured anyone who opposes him. He was extravagant and corrupt that his nation’s economy had severe inflation.

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