Young White Lady Dies After Summoning African Spirit Using Juju (Video)

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Katelyn Kat Restin, a 19-year-old woman from Virginia, has been found dead after she revealed her plan to go to voodoo and summon an African spirit popularly known as Papa Legba.

Katelyn was found dead after she was allegedly found drowned in a bathtub, according to her one friend.

People have been reacting that she is the cause of her death for practicing the Haitian Voodoo summoning spell.

Restin claim she saw Papa Legba after she practiced a summoning spell, which people warned her not to try.

Papa Legba is a popular man known for his African spirituality. He acts as the intermediary between the spirit world and man.

Restin was part of the team on social media that practiced spells, and she decided to try the voodoo.

Users of Twitter and Facebook warned her against practicing the voodoo, but she went ahead and did it.

She even posted on social media that she saw Papa Legba.

Weird story: White woman dies mysteriously after summoning an ...

Two days after posting it on social media, she was found dead.

Social media have been filled with condolences for her while others said they don’t have any form of pity for her.

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