Popular Pastor Arrested For Using Charm To Sleep With Both Mother&Daughter

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Ogun State Police command arrested a 32-year-old fake man of God whose name is Abass Kasali from Ilisan Community in Ogun State for using charm on both daughter and mother to sleep with them.

The newsmen have it that the woman had gone to him to help take care of her dying husband before he started using charm on her so he can sleep with her, he also instructed her to bring her daughter.

It was a good member of the community who notices how things were going to report the case in the police station so that that investigation can be carried out.

The clergy confesses after the crime and claim has been confirmed to be accurate; he was using the problem of the woman to satisfy himself by using charm on both the woman and her daughter.

The police inspector with the case said that the suspect would be charged to court accordingly.  

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