A Lady Laments On What The Wicked Father Did To Her Amidst Coronavirus

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A married woman lamented how her father treated her when they were young. He abandon my mum and three of us without taking his full responsibility; this made my mum practically suffering from sheltering us and from paying our school fees.

My father never cared; unfortunately, due to the stress on my mother, she died in 2012 after a brief illness. Two of my siblings and I struggled and buried my mum; it has been a painful thing for me to date.

Last 2years ago, a man asks for my hands in marriage, and my dad joined side with another extended member of the family to give my husband a bride price list worth 1.5 million nairas.

My uncles pleaded with him, but he refused and collected the bride’s price. Now my dad is calling us to send him some money and even pick offenses if I did not respond fast.

I don’t know how to forgive this wicked man since my mum never forgives him till she died. I still see myself as a fatherless lady

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