COVID-19: Mad People Will Never Test Positive Of Coronavirus, See Reasons

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Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, few cases have been reported that lunatic tested positive.

Lunatics don’t wash their hands, put a nose mask, or even know anything concerning the social distancing.

A person with a mental disorder cannot acknowledge that the pandemic is ever in existence.

They go on the streets living their life usual as if nothing is happening; maybe we have a lot to learn about a lunatic and a mad person since they do not care about the curfew, nor do they care about sanitizing their hands.

The majority of them don’t have a home, so you wouldn’t expect them to stay at home. Even the once that have home goes out at their will and come and never care to go back until their relatives come looking for them.

Consequently, we have not heard that any of them tested positive of died of coronavirus. So as far as this pandemic is concerned, this group of people is very safe than other citizens out there.

Other reasons include:

  1. They don’t interact with the public since some members of the public have been avoiding them even before the virus.
  • Hallucination or Delusions: This makes them very unaware of the situation at hand and goes on with their life without panicking, even when they fell sick they rarely go to the hospitals for treatment due to their lack of fear of disease

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