Femi Adesina Reveals The Next Step Of President Buhari (Watch Video)

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Femi Adesina stated that Nigerians should stop ordering Mr. President around simply because they voted him when he appeared in Nigeria Info FM yesterday, May 5.

This statement was made when he was responding to a caller, Mr. Ibikunle, who asked him to ensure President Buhari holds a media chat with men of the Nigerian press.

A responder said, I just want to encourage Mr. Ibikunle not to continue to sound like a broken record. When Coronavirus issues started, all Nigerian was like the president should talk to us. He has had about three National broadcasts within a month. What else do they want? What else do they want? Some people think because they elected the president will warrant them to order him around the way you want. It will never happen; the president will only do what is good for the country at any given time “he said”

Watch Video Below:

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