See What A 70 Year Old Man Is Facing For Insulting President Buhari

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An older man of 70 years has been sentenced in 81 months in prison because he insulted President Buhari.

Mr. Lawal Izala, in the middle allegedly insulted Mr. President and Governor Aminu Masari, lasts week has been sentenceds to 18 months in prisons at Katsina on Tuesday.

According to Sahara reports, Mr. Lawal, while addressing the newsmen on Tuesday, said that it was out of anger of how his family members were killed by some bandits and also what they did to his cows that made him speak the way he did that lead to his arrest.

Mr. Lawal was lucky enough to have the option of serving in prison for six months or pay N10,000 for insulting the Governor and paying N20,000 for insulting the president.

As we speak, some good Nigerians have paid the N30,000 on his behalf.

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