COVID-19: University Students Have Taken A Serious Actions – See Details

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The lockdown and social distancings measures announced by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus led many universities into operating remote learning. The movement from contact to remote learning has not been an easy one.

However, most universities have put up measures to ensure the effectiveness of such learning platforms, nonetheless.

Such strategies range from the provision of mobile data and zero-rated e-learning sites to the distribution of electronic gadgets to students who do not have access to technology. One very critical issue confronting the progress of remote learning so far is the vacation of students from on-campus residencies to continue studying from their various homes.

As a result, some of the students currently have very little or no access to electricity and mobile networks. To address this situation and also save the academic calendar through remote learning, thousands of university students have signed an online petition to the department of higher education.

The appeal is aimed at compelling the department to allow students back on campus residencies for easy access to the logistics for remote learning. Although the minister for higher education has not made any statement in line with the students’ request, it is possible that such a move would bring some good news to university students who have been at home for over five weeks now.

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