COVID-19: Bill Gate Evil Plans Finally Exposed – See Details

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In a YouTube Channel interview on Valuetainment on May 2, 2020, Kennedy Jr., son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy, made the claims.

Kennedy said that Gates was providing 10 percent of the WHO’s budget and said the WHO is “begging and rolling over” for support from Gates.

He said that Gates had used its power to change the approach of the WHO to eradicating the disease.

Kennedy said the WHO used to follow a sickness reduction program by reducing poverty. He said the best way to eradicate a disease was to provide appropriate services to poor societies, such as clean water, sanitation, and ample and nutritious food.

He alleges, though, that Gates has changed the approach.

Kennedy argues that through vaccination, Gates has changed the focus of the WHO towards eradicating the disease.

“He claims that the only way for good health is through a syringe,” Kennedy said in the two-hour interview.

According to Kennedy, who argues the vaccine is potentially causing polio, half of the WHO’s budget goes into Gates’ polio vaccine program.

He alleged that the polio vaccine of the Gates Foundation has triggered polio epidemics worldwide in areas that have not seen polio for decades, and said that 70 percent of cases of polio on earth come from the Gates vaccine.

I think Gates is well-intended in the same way as were well-intended missionaries who brought smallpox to the Indians. I think he believes he is somehow divinely ordained to bring redemption to the planet through technology. “Bill Gates pledged more than $300 million to create a COVID-19 vaccine and plans to implement a Global Vaccination Action Plan to prevent disease across the planet. Kennedy also weighed up some crazy ideas about the latest 5 G network that is currently being developed around the world.

He said Bill Gates would have “absolute power over our society” through 5G. Kennedy claimed Gates had aggressively invested in 5 G networks and operated hundreds of thousands of land antennas.

Kennedy believed that at any given moment, authorities would use 5 G to monitor movements to see where a person is.

“5 G’s not about helping you quickly download your video game,” he said. “5 G is about security, and data collection.

“This pandemic encourages us to embrace this kind of surveillance, to embrace these limits on our civil rights, to encourage the government to come in and tell us that we must sit at home and not take our children to school.” Kennedy’s perhaps most ludicrous argument was that Bill Gates is installing chips in people across America. He said these chips could be used to store medical records of an individual but said they should be used for something much more sinister.

He said a police officer might theoretically check the chip in the middle of an investigation to find a criminal record of an individual or their corresponding locations.

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