We Must Vaccinate 7 Billion People Including Africans, Bill Gate Brags – Must Read

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Bill Gates, the Billionaire, currently said in an interview on British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) that before the world would go back to its standard form, that all 7 Billion people on the planet earth will have to be vaccinated. Bill, who has been facing heavy criticism all over social media, over his sudden interest in medicine and vaccination, claims that he is an “anti-vaxxer.” Still, we would have no choice than to be vaccinated if we want the world to go back to normal.

However, many people, Americans especially, have been saying that the accomplished billionaire is on a hidden agenda, claiming that he has been supporting China several, and in a research done, it was revealed that Gates is actually half-Japanese.

See the tweets and evidence below.

In a sudden twist of events, many Americans have gone on the streets to protest against Gates vaccines and for American President, Donald Trump, to arrest him for his hideous plan.

What do you think of these happenings?

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