Meet The Most Handsome Nigeria Police Officer (Photos)

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All thanks to the local policemen we see on the roads, our minds have always been stereotyped to think that before you are a policeman in Nigeria, you will have to have a potbelly like a pregnant woman, an oversized and dirty uniform, a signature police club, better known as “Kondo Olopa” a bicycle cap and of course.

The majority of every Nigeria police officer fits the above description, so it’s not surprising when a narrative is given about a Nigerian policeman; that is the exact image that comes to our mind, just like it is now in yours, right now.

Bruno Chigozie Opara is not like other regular police officers; a matter of fact, he’s the kind of policeman that when they want to make security ads for the policeman. He is the model for a job or maybe for romantic music where a lady got arrested by a handsome cop.

Chigozie is very much aware of is uniqueness, and it has to be why he flaunts this uniqueness on social media.

See most of his photos hitting the gym, to taking care of selfless in his uniform to having dinner with family members and friends, Bruno is sure one officer who lives the life of social media star.

 Because of all this reasons, he has garnered the attraction fo many Nigerian ladies.

Photos from him hitting the gym, to tak

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