Biafra: Real reasons Buhari govt still holds Nnamdi Kanu in custody – IPOB

Nnamdi Kanu Makes Shocking Revelation About Aisha Buhari

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The leader of the IPOB secessionist group has claimed that he was very confident that Aisha Buhari, The Nigerian First Lady, and others will end up in jail.

According to him, this will happen by the time Nigerians realize that the man in charge of its government is an impostor.

Kanu further claimed that the wife of the President and her alleged gang been deceiving and fooling Nigerians.

Sharing the photos of two Hollywoods actors impersonating President Donald Trump of the United States and Kim of North Korea, Nnamdi tweeted, “How they have been fooling their fellow Nigerians and why ima certain Aisha Buhari and her gang group will soon end in jail.”

Below are two actors impersonating Presidents Kim of North Korea and Trump of the United States.

“The resemblance is as striking as that of #JubrilAlSudani to late BUHARI. These are only actors, but in Nigeria, the actor Jubril is the actual president.

“I tweeted this picture a while back to remind those in Aso Rock that we have all the facts that will send all of them to prison for life.”

Kanu has been making these claims for years now, even though not many Nigerians believe him. It’s seen as part of the group’s propaganda.

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