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The Reason Why I Poisoned My Husband And His Mother – Woman Explains

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Adaeze Okafor, of about 31-year-old woman, has been arrested after an autopsy revealed she poisoned her husband and the husband’s mother to death.

She discloses the reasons why she killed them saying “My husband and I have been married for three years, and ever since then, she hasn’t gotten pregnant for once which is making me uncomfortable, my husband and I have done several tests, and it was confirmed that nothing is wrong with us.

According to reports a few weeks ago, our maid explains to me that she overheard the husband’s mother telling her son to get married to another wife before he gets old that she is sure I can never be fruitful.

After hearing that, I felt broken and betrayed despite the love I have for her and her son.

I realized that if my husband should pay attention and accept the advice, that I would be thrown out of the house that my husband and I suffered to build.

Just after the advice by his mother, I caught my husband with another woman who claimed that she is my husband newest wife. I got and poisoned them.

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