What Two Deeper Life Women Was Caught Doing In Lagos State Will Shock You

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Two married women from the Deeper Life Church in Isolo have been brought before an Isolo district court in Lagos for allegations of theft from husbands and public fighting.

The women, whose name was given as Nwazema Oluchukwu, 58, and Chizoba Alloy Njoku, 34, were charged by the court in Isolo Magistrate by police for fighting Chizoba’s husband, Alloy Benson Njoku.

The two women, who worship in the same branch of the church and are from Owerri in Imo State, were married to different men.

While Chizoba is married to Bensons, Oluchukwu alleged that Bensons was once her lover, whom she introduced to Chizoba while she was still married to another man.

She further stated this to the court that Benson and Chizoba were only living together despite the facts that they had three children because they did not marry as Christians or as required by Igbo culture.

Oluchukwu, a prominent member of the church, is said to have decided to retake Benson when his marriage broke down.

The fight started when Chizoba refused to allow Benson to go.

Benson had already moved into Oluchukwu’s house at 16 Panada Street, Isolo Lagos, after allegedly cheating on his wife, Chizoba, that he was traveling on a business trip outside Lagos.

However, the matter got out of hand when Chizoba was informed that Benson had been in Oluchukwu’s house since he told him that he was going on a business trip outside Lagos.

This sparked a violent fight between the two women until a visiting police patrol team arrested and arrested the two of them and took them to the police station.

They were charged before the Isolo Court of First Instance for behavior likely to endanger public peace under the Criminal Code.

The presiding magistrate, Mrs. A.K. Shonubi, granted them a bond of 20,000 naira with a bond of the same amount.

They were first placed in pre-trial detention and released after perfecting their bail conditions.

The case was remitted to February 6, 2017, for trial.

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