Meet The U.S Soldier Without Legs But A Commander In U.S Army

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Gadson became the first American soldier to be fitted with a next-generation powered prosthetic knee.

The knee will allow the amputee to walk around with a natural gait.

Gadson pleaded to stay on active duty instead of taking a medical retirement.

Gadson got his request as he returned to serve as director of the AW2 program for almost two years before he was selected to command the Fort Belvoir.

Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter, the commander of the Army Installation Management Command on Long Parade Field across from post headquarters, presented to Gadson the Belvoir command colors on Monday.

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Reacting about Gadson, Ferriter said, “He has proven it is about what you can do and not what you cannot do. He has been able to lead and get things done right.”

“The role of Gadson as Director of the US Army Wounded Warrior Program will enable him to do a lot of good things,” Ferriter added.

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